We ran a Bendie Practitioner training event.  What made it so special?

We had four great people who are totally passionate about helping older people to remain mobile, fit and independent.  It was a great mix; there was a Personal Trainer, a nurse, an Occupational Therapy assistant and a care home carer.  Between them they had all the knowledge and the experience.  What we did was fill in the gaps.

They all received a pre course reading manual (with some questions for them to think over before the day) with all the background information about how our bodies work.

On the day we went thorough our presentation looking at the key points for Bendie Practitioners.  We talked about society’s attitude to older people, prejudice and our role in tackling this.

We looked at what happens to muscles as we age and how to keep them strong and working, combining this with bones and the ageing process.  We explored osteoporosis and hip fractures and hip replacements.  Its so much easier to help people to recover if you know what they have been through.

We looked at the major muscle groups and the planes of movement to explain why we have designed our programmes in the way that we have.  Of course, we played with the kit and tried some of the exercises ourselves.

We explained the very important assessment process that we use to make sure that we are recommending the right exercises and the right intensity of group work for the older person.

So we now have 4 people raring to go – ready to carry out the practical part of their training in a care home.  Give us a ring if you would like a Bendie programme running in your care home.