We are tough!  We have been nursing for about 90 years between us.  We have seen it all.  Believe me, we have seen more things than most could imagine.  Today got to us.  Now, you are expecting me to tell you that someone got ill or died?  No, today someone stood up and walked.

We have been supporting this gentleman for weeks.  We have worked with the care home staff , we have kept the physio informed and today, by chance, we all arrived at the same time.  Together we assessed our gentleman and made a plan.  This man hasn’t walked for weeks but we have visited regularly and kept his muscles strong.

Older people who spend long periods of time immobile lose muscle strength at an alarming rate and without regular exercise will lack the power in their arms to push up to a standing position.  Their quads and hamstrings (leg muscles) will be so wasted that walking will be difficult if not impossible.

Not our client!  With the support and advice of the physio he pushed himself up to standing and walked with his frame.  He did that many times and then he insisted that he transfer on and off his bed (no more hoisting for him!)  He was delighted and he cried, great tears of relief.  We were so proud of him that we nearly cried too – then we remembered why we do what we do.

We love our jobs – helping older people to keep their independence is a privilege. Watching our gentleman walk was a special moment

If you know someone who would like some help with their mobility – please contact us today!


Marion Foreman