We get cross, sometimes really cross, on behalf of the older people we work with.

We were cross when we saw a district nurse whisk off a resident in her wheelchair without a word to the older person.  Just imagine if you were sitting quietly in your chair and suddenly find yourself being taken somewhere else.  I reckon I would be scared, anxious and very annoyed.

We were really cross when we heard about how one of our clients was treated during an outpatient visit to a hospital.  Let me tell you, if an older person asks to go to the toilet then they need to go to the toilet.  They don’t want to hear that the hospital doesn’t have the right equipment to help them out of bed and on to a toilet and they will have to be incontinent.

Older people are not a separate race, they are you and I with more years on the clock.  Some older people may take longer to answer a question – please be patient.  Some older people need you to speak slowly and clearly – please do that.  Yes, it might take five minutes longer – please spare this person five extra minutes – they really are worth it.  Please don’t forget that this older person has lived a life of love and work and that one day you too will be old.  Treat our seniors in a way that you will want to be treated.