For people on their cancer journey

We are told time and again that it is important to keep active whilst you are on your cancer journey.

But how do you know what is safe and reasonable?

We can help.  Our nurses are skilled in assessment and can help you to find a safe and effective exercise regime at all stages of your cancer treatment and recovery.

Whether you are newly diagnosed, undergoing treatment or surgery or your treatment has finished, Marion and her team can help.  We know that it is easy to ‘lose yourself’ when you are coming to terms with cancer, but we can help.

We offer a free initial consultation so that together we can find out what support you need and how we can help.

From that discussion we can work out an exercise plan that is safe and right for you.  We can give tips advice and support which together will improve your quality of life and lessen the chance of recurrence of disease.

Give us a ring and talk to someone who understands what you are going through and will help to restore your sense of wellbeing

Marion Foreman
Marion ForemanAdvanced Personal Trainer with qualifications in Cancer Rehabilitation
Marion has a great deal of experience of working alongside people on their cancer journey. Much of her nursing career has been spent in palliative care and cancer care. She has additional qualifications as a personal trainer in cancer rehabilitation and has delivered an exercise class for people with cancer (at whatever stage) for many years.

Exercise has been proven to help with prevention of recurrence and longevity for people with cancer (Prof Thomas in his book ‘Life Style and Cancer’) and it is imperative to find the right exercises at the right intensity for you.

If you are affected by cancer you may feel that you could do with some help to exercise safely. Marion can either meet with you in person or by skype and carry out an assessment of your current ability to exercise. From that point she can advise you on lifestyle choices and suitable exercises. She will, if necessary, with your permission, contact those who are providing your clinical care to check over any particular points. She can offer a ‘one off’ assessment and exercise programme or meet up with you once a week to check your progress and make any necessary adjustments