Just as there are huge pressures on the NHS so there are on the Social Care system.  A report carried out by an independent MP, Frank Field found low wages, zero hours contracts and a heavy work load amongst carers visiting people in their own home.  Those who work for the private sector have different standards but those who work for the public sector are under huge pressure.  We are promised that reforms are on the way but right now we have care workers with such a heavy workload that they either have to cut down on the time spent with each client or work overtime which is not paid.

Age UK are concerned that this situation will lead to a poor quality of care and that clients will suffer.

It is under such circumstances that mobility for the older person is compromised and muscle wasting becomes a real problem.

A well planned, personalised exercise programme can help with this.  The visit of an exercise professional to help, prompt and explain the exercise programme can provide a much needed prompt.  Of course, the additional benefits include the alleviation of loneliness and the restoration of a sense of purpose and fun.