We can help care home residents to be as active as possible helping reduce the risk of falls, illness and hospital stays. A hospital stay can reduce a persons ability to move and we can help with rehabilitation and regaining mobility.

  • Assess all your residents using their clinical history

  • Draw up an individual exercise programme for each resident

  • Work with your residents to show them how to exercise effectively, using fully illustrated exercise cards

  • Set up and run exercise groups at three different levels

  • Train your designated exercise champions to carry out exercise effectively

  • Evaluate

Age is just a number! Some residents from our high intensity group exercise took a trip to the local forefront fitness gym owned by our fitness instructor Marion Foreman whom of which opened up their gym to our residents. It’s truly inspiring seeing what they can do. Enjoy the video!

Posted by Field Lodge Care Home on Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Watch some of the residents of Field Lodge at the Forefront Fitness Gym in Bluntisham

Are you a care home manager or lifestyle and wellbeing co-ordinator who would like your care home to be renowned as a place of movement and activity with happy residents and knowledgeable staff?

Consider working with us to implement the bendie programme increasing residents socialisation resulting in happier and healthier residents.

We know this not only benefits the residents but friend, family and staff.

We can work with you to train your staff and fully assess your residents to make sure that the exercise programmes are safe and at the right level for them.

We can implement the exercise classes and make sure that they run efficiently and effectively.

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Marion and Jane from ‘All Together Better’ have been working with us for several months now and the changes are remarkable.  Together we have helped our residents to become more active, more independent and to have fun.  We have helped to maintain mobility and independence and to encourage residents to try exercises that they might never have tried before

Jane and Marion are punctual, professional and knowledgeable – they are an asset to our home and we would recommend their Bendie programme to every care home.

Sam Shepherd, Lifestyle Lead at Field Lodge (Care UK) St Ives, Cambs

Our All Together Better (ATB) programme has really been life changing for some of our residents. I firmly believe that it is essential that we should do everything we can to help our residents remain mobile and as independent as possible. Exercise has a big part to play in this and we are delighted that all our residents who choose to be part of our ATB programme, are fully assessed by two very experienced nurses and are able to collaborate with our residents, family members and the team to ensure they have an individually tailored exercise programme and exercise class to meet their needs and aspirations.

Our exercise classes are facilitated by Jane and Marion are very popular. We are getting some fantastic results in terms of feelings of wellbeing and very importantly, our residents are having great fun. Jane and Marion have become part of our Bramley family, they are respected and valued members of our team.

Carol Morgan, Wellbeing Lead at Bramley Court (Carebase UK), Histon Cambs

My Parkinsons disease had already made movement difficult and then I fell and broke my hip. After a stormy time in hospital I was unable to walk and could not stand unaided. Jane knew that I could do more and set about changing what had happened. I can now walk so much more easily. I can go up and down stairs and can lift weights. This has helped my mood and I feel much brighter. I am able to go out for meals and even go home for the weekend. I cannot speak highly enough of Jane and Marion and their skills.

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I have a couple of nasty health problems and had been in hospital a long time. When I first went into the care home, I couldn’t stand so the carers had to use a hoist to get me out of bed. I started working with Jane and Marion and everything changed. With a great deal of patience on their part they have got me moving again. Not just moving, I can now walk independently, go up and down stairs, lift weights and get down on the floor to do push ups. I do more now than I ever expected to be able to. Their knowledge is fabulous, and the sessions are always fun.

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I fractured my hip and went to a care home to recover following surgery to repair it. I was looked after beautifully, and Jane and Marion provided the extra help that I needed to gain the confidence to return home. They got me back on my feet. I enjoyed their sessions so much that I still go back to the care home once a week for the exercise class – it really does keep me going.

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