What is the bendie programme?

The bendie programme is our older person exercise scheme. It is a simple, safe and effective way to ensure that every resident gets an individualised exercise plan that can be carried out by any member of the care team in the home.

  • Simple exercises designed for all care home residents whatever their current range of movement.

Our philosophy

At all together better we believe movement to be essential to all of us and our passion is to take meaningful and safe exercise programmes to residents of care homes across the country. It is because anyone is elderly not despite their age that they could and should move as much as they can for as long as they can.

  • Effective method to reduce risk of accidents, illness and injury within your care home

Why bendie?

We felt that it was imperative to design a safe and effective exercise programme specifically for older people. Scientific evidence from research studies show that exercise is beneficial and improves both physical and mental health. It is our experience that age is not be a barrier to exercise and everyday exercise in the care home has huge benefits for everyone.

  • Safety always comes first. Designed by experienced nurses with assessments that spot barriers, take into account medical conditions and cognitive function.


The assessment enables us to allocate the client to the correct intensity exercise group and to personalise their own exercise programme.  We always supply the client with exercise cards which give pictorial representation of appropriate exercises for them.

Whole Home Approach

Whole home approach means that its not just the residents that are engaged, motivated and having fun. Staff can be trained to deliver the programme, join in and why not get family members involved as well?

  • Evidence based physical activity is shown to improve the mood of residents and their mental health.

Trust, Care and Quality

We both belong to the Royal College of Nursing and have professional indemnity cover from that membership.  We are both bound by the rules of the Nursing and Midwifery Council and are therefore called on to do what nurses of our knowledge and experience would be expected to do whether we are on duty or not.

We have separate public liability insurance covering our activity in the care homes and in people’s own homes.

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