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By Marion Foreman We take exercise into care homes.  That’s a very simple statement – but there is so much more to it than that. We meet and assess most of the residents of the care homes we work in.  We get to know them; we find out who they are and what matters to [...]

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Loneliness and care provision

Just as there are huge pressures on the NHS so there are on the Social Care system.  A report carried out by an independent MP, Frank Field found low wages, zero hours contracts and a heavy work load amongst carers visiting people in their own home.  Those who work for the private sector have different [...]

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Loss of muscle mass as we age

Muscle mass can begin to decline from the age of 40.  This is known as sarcopenia and can quickly lead to the loss of function and a consequent loss of independence.  Strong muscles can go a long way to helping to prevent falls and all the damage that can occur.  Strong muscles also encourage mobility [...]

Loss of muscle mass as we age2018-10-23T20:12:04+01:00