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Would you like to be resuscitated? by Marion Foreman

    What sort of question is that?  Who asks that and of whom? Well, we think it’s a very important question.  Jane and I discuss it often.  We talk about what would be acceptable and what we would hate to happen.  We would both like to die in our sleep – but wouldn’t we [...]

Would you like to be resuscitated? by Marion Foreman2020-03-03T21:32:59+00:00

Where’s my ……… ? By Marion Foreman

  I used to wake in the night wondering where my handbag was.  It wasn’t unknown for me to get out of bed to go and find it.  Many of the ladies that we work with in the care homes clutch their handbags and it has been known for arguments to arise over bag ownership. [...]

Where’s my ……… ? By Marion Foreman2020-02-07T09:37:25+00:00

🎄Outings really matter 🚙

By Marion Foreman There has been much excitement in the care homes that we visit – Christmas is magical whatever your age.  Presents and cards and family visits. One thing that gets a big buzz is a visit to family away from the care home.  The packing, the journey and meeting up with so many [...]

🎄Outings really matter 🚙2020-01-16T09:16:45+00:00

101 years of memories by Marion Foreman

We met a gentleman this week, he was born during the first world war (yes, the 1st!) and fought in the 2nd WW.   We owe our freedom to men like him and to the lady who told us how she nursed injured soldiers at Dunkirk. It’s so easy to see an older person and label [...]

101 years of memories by Marion Foreman2020-01-16T09:17:39+00:00

Today we nearly cried

We are tough!  We have been nursing for about 90 years between us.  We have seen it all.  Believe me, we have seen more things than most could imagine.  Today got to us.  Now, you are expecting me to tell you that someone got ill or died?  No, today someone stood up and walked. We [...]

Today we nearly cried2019-08-22T18:59:58+01:00

💜 Why we do what we do! 💜

We are busy building a team of Bendie Practitioners, ready to go into care homes and help older people to remain mobile for as long as possible. We know that this sort of work is demanding and can be quite sad sometimes.  So we support each other; we share success and we share memories when [...]

💜 Why we do what we do! 💜2019-08-13T09:26:46+01:00

We had a great Saturday morning! 

We ran a Bendie Practitioner training event.  What made it so special? We had four great people who are totally passionate about helping older people to remain mobile, fit and independent.  It was a great mix; there was a Personal Trainer, a nurse, an Occupational Therapy assistant and a care home carer.  Between them they [...]

We had a great Saturday morning! 2019-08-06T09:45:28+01:00

Sometimes we get cross! by Marion Foreman

    We get cross, sometimes really cross, on behalf of the older people we work with. We were cross when we saw a district nurse whisk off a resident in her wheelchair without a word to the older person.  Just imagine if you were sitting quietly in your chair and suddenly find yourself being [...]

Sometimes we get cross! by Marion Foreman2019-07-18T11:12:00+01:00

What is in a rose? by Marion Foreman

    I took a photo of this beautiful rose in my garden early one morning last week. I remember my mother dead heading her roses, crushing the petals and removing the fading bloom.  I always thought that she removed them a bit too early, I thought that there was a bit more left in [...]

What is in a rose? by Marion Foreman2019-06-25T20:12:10+01:00

D Day by Marion Foreman

      D Day We all noticed that it was the 75th anniversary of D day last week.  A force of 150,000 soldiers from America, Canada, France and Britain attacked German forces on the beaches of Normandy in France and the resulting victory was a turning point in the Second World War.  For us [...]

D Day by Marion Foreman2019-06-11T17:06:44+01:00