By Marion Foreman

We take exercise into care homes.  That’s a very simple statement – but there is so much more to it than that.

We meet and assess most of the residents of the care homes we work in.  We get to know them; we find out who they are and what matters to them and we help them to be as independent and mobile as possible – oh and we have fun.  Lots of laughter and positivity!

But we do more than that – we get to know the staff who work in the care homes.  We work alongside them and want to be an integral part of the team.  When we are part of the team good things happen – the carers tell us updates on their residents and we can show them the latest achievements.

Together we can find out how best to help the residents reach the levels of activity that they want to get to.  This leads to greater liveliness throughout the home and more fun for the residents and the staff.  This all helps to make a care home a great place to live and a great place to work.

Of course, sometimes the residents become unwell and for some, the care home is where they die.  We miss them but we know that we were part of their enjoyment in life and we are grateful for that.

But others notice too, the family and friends of the residents notice and enjoy the achievements of their loved ones.  The inspectors notice too – everything we do can be provided as evidence whenever someone comes to review the care offered in the home.

We are absolutely delighted that one of the homes we work in has just been acknowledged as ‘Outstanding’ by the CQC – care homes don’t come any better than that – well done to the whole team and thank you for inviting us to be part of your exceptional home!