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The Bendie Programme

We aim to make exercise a part of everyday life and offer a comprehensive scheme to ensure that older people can be as mobile as possible for as long as possible, and our passion is to make meaningful and safe exercise available to frail elderly people across the country, either in their own homes or care homes.

Bendie is our older peoples exercise programme. It is a simple, safe and effective way to ensure that people get an individualised exercise plan that can be carried out either with or without the support of family, friends or carers.

The human body is designed to move. Exercise is known to have many physical benefits but just as significant is the effect it has on lifting mood and combating depression. There is also evidence that exercise may have a role in reducing the risk of dementia.

Jane Hall is a Registered Nurse (RN) with many years’ experience, most recently in Orthogeriatrics and Rehabilitation. Marion Foreman is an RN with care of the elderly experience and is also a qualified Personal Trainer (PT) who teaches exercise for older people to other PT’s across the country. Both of them have been heavily involved in discharge planning and are very aware of the pressures on community services and the care system.

Please contact us to find out more on either: 07860 128032 / 07963 692166  or you can contact us via email:

Bendie at Care Homes

We can help your residents to be as active as possible

What bendie does;

  • Assess all your residents using their clinical history
  • Draw up an individual exercise programme for each resident
  • Work with your residents to show them how to exercise effectively, using fully illustrated exercise cards
  • Set up and run exercise groups at three different levels
  • Train your designated exercise champions to carry out exercise effectively
  • Evaluate
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Bendie at Home

If you have a family member that requires our professional services to achieve additional mobility and strength we would be delighted to speak to you and arrange a visit at your convenience to discuss one of our exercise programs.

Exercise is known to have many physical benefits and also to help with mood and prevention of dementia. Keeping fit is one of the best ways of avoiding admission to hospital! We look forward to hearing from you.

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